Action B4: Definition of certification prerequisites

Objectives of the action:

The objectives of the action are to proof that by implementing DR actions CO2 emissions can be reduced and to prepare a respective certification. These will be achieved by:

  • Preparation of a certification process regarding the complete usage of DR resources in industrial facilities and therewith contributing to the implementation of intermittent energy production (Wind, PV).
  • Therefore it is estimated that the method to assess the environmental benefits, which takes the system effect into account, could be standardized and used as an environmental benchmark for other companies of the same size and branch. The system effect includes the specific national electricity generation mix (coal, gas, nuclear, RES).
  • Showing the possibility of enhancing energy efficiency in the electricity grid by implementing DR measures.
  • To define preparatory actions that facilitate the market uptake after the end of the project by preparing a standardized certification procedure to make it applicable for all industrial facilities which are able to participate in DR actions.


  • Recognition of market handicaps
  • Development of visualization tools
  • Preparation of a certification checklist
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