The project will be conducted within 30 months (September 2012 - February 2015).

The main objective of this project is to facilitate the integration of RES in the electricity grid due to the usage of the flexibility potential in the energy consuming process of industrial customers. As a result the benefits of active involvement of industrial customers in the electricity markets will be demonstrated. Based on the obtained results a business model will be developed and a roadmap for the implementation of DR for the market side and policy makers will be presented.

The following graph gives an overview of the project work plan and management structure:


Methodology of the DRIP project:

The objectives of DRIP will be achieved by performing comprehensive field demonstrations where the benefits of the selected customer participation will be assessed, verified and measured for all the partners involved. In that way, a procedure will be developed and verified to determine the demand flexibility in the facilities of the customer as well as to identify the potential benefits that these resources can represent for the other project partners in the electricity supply chain. An assessment and evaluation process will be developed for each of the partners involved in order to quantify the expected ecological and economic benefits.

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