Industrial customer

Deliverable Type Scope/ objective Stakeholders addressed
B2 Report on the flexibility assessment Report.pdf

Identification and technical assessment of services that could be provided by customer utilization of their load flexibility.

Industrial customer, ESCO
B2 Simulation tool

Userís guide and Manual.pdf


The Simulation tool is an Excel spreadsheet to assess the effect of DR actions and to evaluate the flexibility potential of customers. Economic and environmental evaluations are performed taking into account the customer participation in an operation market reducing or shedding their loads. To get access to this tool please send an email to

Industrial customer, ESCO
B3 Report on interruption campaigns Report.pdf

Analysis and assessment of the flexibility based on the results of the interruption campaigns carried out in 4 factories.

Industrial customer, ESCO, retailer, aggregator
B4 Market handicaps for the implementation of Demand Response Report.pdf

Identification and analysis of barriers or handicaps which could prevent the implementation of Demand Response in the market including recommendations to overcome them.

B4 Visualization tool

Userís guide and Manual.pdf

The Visualization Tool is an application based on Microsoft EXCELģ designed to help industrial customers in the identification of the flexibility potential they may have, based on the abilities to manage their loads to get modifications in their usual pattern of energy consumption. The Visualization Tool is also available in German and Spanish under request (

Industrial customer, ESCO
B4 Guidelines for the prequalification of market agents involved in the trading of DR resources. Certification prerequisites.


Checklist for DR Providers.pdf

Checklist for DR Products.pdf

Checklist for DR Energy Service Traders.pdf

This document provides the guidelines to allow the prequalification of the different agents involved in the trading of demand response resources. This prequalification is intended to be the starting point for the development of a new regulatory framework to allow the certification of demand response services in the market.

B5 Roadmap- Demand Response from the customer point of view Report.pdf

This document shows industrial customers how to participate in demand response services and it proposes a new market scenario for the dynamic and secure trading of demand response resources, including recommendations and guidelines to overcome the current barriers.

Industrial customer, Regulator, legislator
C1 Report on the ecological and economic impact Report.pdf

Quantification of the environmental and economic benefits for the customer according to the electricity market.

D1 Laymanís report Report.pdf

Report providing an overview on the project, its objectives, its actions and its results.


Report providing an overview on the project, its objectives, its actions and its results.

Poster.pdf General description of the DRIP project summarized in a poster which has been presented in different forums. All
D1 Demand Response in Industrial Production - DRIP Presentation.pdf Summary of the main activities of DRIP presented in several forums and conferences. All